General Admin

General Admin Policies:

Vacation pay

Everyone gets 4% vacation pay on top of their taxable income.

Stat holidays are paid for everyone as outlined in AB labour law. When possible, we need to plan together to have days off and avoid working on stat holidays... but sometimes we do!

Driver Pay

We give drivers $40/day for driving to and from the block. Managers don't get extra driver pay. They are the regular driver. If a manager needs to make calls, fill out hrs, is tired, etc. it's perfectly ok to pay someone else the $40 to be the driver. A planter/picker driver gets the regular $40 extra for driving on a mob or demob day.

Mobilization and Demobilization Pay

If it's a piece rate gig, the drive is usually not paid for planters or managers. It's in the tree price.

If it's an hourly gig, Planters and managers get paid at their hourly rates for driving to an oil and gas gig from Edmonton, between two og gigs and for demobilizing back to Edmonton when these are billable hours. We expect the hours for mob and demob to be tight. If people need special drop offs around the city, this is not included in the pay, so generally workers all get the same pay for the mob/demob.


When working at a remote worksite, workers who qualify and fill out the form can claim $40 SWA per day of income that will not be taxed.

Note for Managers

If there are 2 managers on the same project and we only need one, one will be paid as a planter. This is case by case.


We are currently trying out a new receipt form which I give about a 50% chance of adoption. We all agree the form is better but there could be good reason

it's not getting used.

Alternatively, the old way is we submit everything to [email protected] as the expense is incurred (when you buy) then each staff submits an expense report (the receipts and the math) at the end of the month to Chris' email and I pay them all in a row.

Piece Rates

For 2022 spring the tree price is 20 cent per tree and up for tree planters. Summer will be awesome too but we’ll decide before each contract as usual.

Piece per tree or per hl of cones will be available per contract by your supervisor. If prices are in anyway unclear just call Chris’ cell phone and we can decide together and announce it on Signal.

For surveys rates are $3/plot unless otherwise specified.


  • Normally cash is paid for accommodation as a direct deposit, separate from normal payroll. To be clear, it's separate and on-top of the piece rate. For example, if the piece rate is 20 cents you get 20+4 cents accommodation. We’d never hide it inside the piece rate, which is a good question many people ask.

  • Alternatively, Shakti reserves the right to pay accommodation outright (free for you) or charged $15 camp cost. However we pretty much all agree the accommodation rate is better, 4 cents cash is pretty good.


Shakti doesn’t pay for poor-quality trees (or cones or anything). Stashing or overclaiming is also cause for termination without warning. Thankfully we have remarkably few problems with quality or issues with tree planters in any way whatsoever.


All of everyone’s pay is posted daily through the “PayForm” filled out by the supervisor. This will be visible to you on the “PayStub” link.

All payroll is paid semi-monthly. Once confirmed on paystubs semi-monthly pay periods are closed and we never go back and change previous pay-periods or accept late payroll or expenses under any circumstances.

Semi-monthly payroll is run through through direct deposit. See your email inbox for details once the first pay period has been submitted.

Piece Rate for Supervisors

  • Supervisors, on piece rate jobs, get the “super rate” minus the planter rate. So if the super rate is 24 cents and the planters get 20 cents, then you get 4 cents on your crew’s trees. If your crew plants 10,000 you get $400. Plus your own trees.

  • Other piece rate jobs are managed in the same way. You get a rate per production we agree on that beforehand and it’s updated on payroll everyday.

  • All payroll must be submitted in a Daily Timesheet “PayForm” by the worker and supervisor on the day the work occurs. This makes the record clear for everyone.

  • You also have the opportunity to delegate some of your management work to planters (at Shakti’s cost). We encourage you to delegate and Shakti will pay for it. This is a very effective way to tackle administrative tasks and plan ahead.

Hourly jobs

There are 3 types of hourly wages. These rates are set as your hired paid as such until they are adjusted pro-actively. It looks like this:

  1. Direct rate: Billed directly to the client

  2. Super Rate: for supervisors only while supervising direct jobs or doing highly skilled jobs like a delivery or operating equipment.

  3. Regular rate: helping out Shakti on a piece rate job or doing regular hourly work that is paid by Shakti directly.

Payroll will be processed semi-monthly. If there is a bonus for whatever reason it would be paid out at that time.

Please give me a call if you have any questions, Chris 780-887-7861 I’m happy to discuss it or consider improvements moving forward.