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#1 Learn more than you plant trees. We want to see you take this experience into your own hands and be a part of our team, whatever that may look like for you.

Shakti Strives to be an inclusive and transparent company. Granting you access, awareness and clear communication for all you need to thrive as an independent employee, this way you can choose what level of involvement is best for you. 

Your Shakti Family has your back. In addition to these resources, you can always reach out to us for support, We love to hear your feedback and experiences. 


 We use this google sheet called Work and People as our ever evolving schedule, this is a great link to save. 


Shakti pay stub:
your pay will always be entered in this site by your immediate supervisor within 48 hrs. This is a great resource to use, we encourage you to stay up to date on this app. In the case that there is an error in your pay, the power is yours to bring up so that we may fix it for you. We expect discrepancies to be resolved within the pay period. 

Pay works paystub: 


Pay roll is run via direct deposit, bi weekly through Pay works. You will receive an email from Pay works upon your first bi-weekly pay cycle with Shakti, to create your account, in this account you will find your official pay stub and tax forms. We encourage you to use this resource and confirm your paystub amounts, if there is ever a discrepancy, we want to resolve it within that pay period. 


due to the independent nature of Shakti employees, we can sometimes  incur expenses which the company will cover, this includes: training, drug and alcohol tests, etc.

Its always best to confirm which expenses are eligible to be covered by Shakti before uploading. 

We can upload new expenses to be reviewed and approved before being paid out.

 -review expenses:
we can view our record of previously uploaded expenses.

It is expected that your expenses are uploaded within the pay period so that they may be paid out in a timely manner. Expenses uploaded months later may not be approved. 

Payment Details:

Piece Rates 

Tree price is .20 cent per tree and up for tree planters.

Piece per tree, per hl(cones), or per plot can vary per contract and will be communicated to you by your supervisor before starting. 

SWA/ Accommodation

An additional .04 cents per tree is paid out to planters (Tax free) to cover hotel costs and food.

With this bonus it is expected that you will be fully independent, and responsible for yourself.

If for any reason you are unable to pay for your own hotel during a contract, you must discuss this before arriving to determine your options.


Sometimes we have clients that pay us hourly rather than piece rate, you may also be paid hourly for doing miscellaneous Shakti tasks.

The rate can vary depending on the contract or type of work you’re doing.

There are 3 options for hourly wages you will see on your paystub. It looks like this:

Direct rate: Billed directly to the client

Super Rate: for supervisors only while supervising direct jobs or doing highly skilled jobs like, delivery or operating equipment.

Regular rate: helping out Shakti on a piece rate job or doing regular hourly work that is paid by Shakti directly. 

Vacation pay 

Everyone gets 4% vacation pay on top of their taxable income.

Stat holidays are paid for everyone as outlined in AB labor law. When possible, we need to plan together to have days off and avoid working on stat holidays... but sometimes we do!

Driver Pay

We pay drivers $40/day for driving to and from the block, no matter the distance.

Managers don't get extra driver pay, driving is a part of their responsibility, however we encourage managers to delegate a driver in the case that they are tired & someone else wants to drive.  Before you can drive, you must complete our Shakti Driver Training and be approved as a driver. You cannot operate ANY company equipment under any circumstance before you are trained.

You always have the right to Participate (drive if trained) and the right to refuse, if you don't want to.

If you are ever in a situation that you do not want to drive with someone, or do not want to be in someone's truck, please come forward and we will find a solution.

We take driving VERY seriously as it is potentially the most dangerous part of the job. 


Mobilization and Demobilization Pay 

If it's a piece rate gig, the drive is usually not paid for planters or managers. It's in the tree price.

If it's a direct hourly gig, Planters and managers get paid at their hourly rates to drive as far as Edmonton, sometimes further depending on the circumstance.

In either case, we expect the hours for mob and demob to be tight. If people need special drop offs around the city, this is not included in the pay. 


Shakti has incredibly high standards, the culture within the company shows our care, our footprint is incredibly important. We want to do a good job from start to finish and that starts in the land. We typically only have a QA for our forestry jobs, but you and your crew boss are always responsible for producing beautiful reclaimed land that is in alignment with contract specifications.

This includes, leaving no trace. Pack in & pack out.

We don't pay for poor quality, stashing and overclaiming is cause for termination without warning.