Emergency Response

Emergency Response Procedures, or ERP’s 

Contract specific ERPS are sent out prior to contract start day via your signal group chat.

General ERPS are in each truck. On the dash, or on the inside of the passenger's visor. 

ERP’s are pretty straight forward, however in the case of a high stress situation sometimes we can forget the basics, so please make a habit of  referencing this resource.

Understanding how to use your ERP in a specific situation or environment is a critical skill we expect all employees to understand.

Responding to an emergency : slow down and …

Recognize- What is happening

 Evaluate- What is the hazard 

Take Control- communicate to ensure your team is safe and delegate to remove the hazard if possible.

Communicate for Help- Contact your resources from your ERP for emergency support

Follow up

Emergency Response Template 

8 - Emergency Response Template 2020

Medical Emergency Response

1 - Medical emergency response 2020

Fire Emergency Response

2 - Fire Emergency Response 2020

Lost Person Emergency Response

3 - Lost Person 2020

Wind & Lightning Emergency Response

4 - Wind and Lightning Emergency Response 2020

Working Alone in H2S Areas and Spill Response

5 - Working in H2S Areas 2020

General Emergency Response Plans

7 - General Emergency Response 2019

Injury Management Workbook

In the case that you are injured, yourself, your supervisor and HSC will complete this Injury management workbook.
Familiarize yourself with this step, but hopefully you will never need to use it. 

2022 - Injury Management Workbook