Transportation Safety

These are all of the training modules related to trainsportation. In addition to our inhouse training, we are offering that any worker can take one of the following forestry road training courses that will teach you the basics of 4x4 trucks, resource road edicate, and general awarness. Please contact admin[at] to confirm, we will reimburse you for the course once you have worked for Shakti.

Haul Road Travel & Radio Use

2021-11 Haul Road Travel & Radio Use

Vehicle Operation & Journey Management Program

4 - Vehicle Operation & Journey Management Plan May 2020

Trailer Towing

6 - Trailer Towing May 2020

Overhead Power Lines

2021-11-01 Overhead Power Lines

ATV, UTV, Side by side, All Terrain Vehicles

3 - ATV Operation May 2020

Helicopter Transport Safety

2 - Helicopter Transport Safety, April 2020

Helicopter Slingmaster

1 - Helicopter Slingmaster, April 2020

Argo Operator's Manual

Argo Operator's Manual 671-25-01-2015.pdf