Roles & Reponsibilities

Meet the Team

Chris Harris
Director of Operations

Ron Laverdiere
Operations Manager

Brant Broome


Tristan J Hardy

Health and Safety Coordinator, Quality Assurance, Administrator & Trainer

Megan Tyndale

Financial Administrator 

Administrative Tree Team

Stewart Mior

Aspen Bailey

Mckenzie Fleming

Chris Harris,
Ron Laverdiere,
Tristan Hardy,
Justin Turpin

Health & Safety Representative

We will be selecting our 2023 Health and Safety Rep and Committee in June

Health and Safety Committee

Crew Bosses

Anand Chotai

David Robinson

Justin Turpin

Jesse Kruithof 

Robin Neuvonen 

Marshall Cormier

Caleb Cohen

Elizabeth Parsons

Employee Job List & Responsibilities

1. List of employee occupations (jobs/positions)

All Employee SMS Responsibilities

Employee Responsibilities - Matrix

Supervisor SMS Responsibilities

Manager-Supervisor Responsibilities 2020.doc

Quality Checker

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2022-11-03 Quality - Tree "checker" job - QA

Job Inventory

2022-09-07 Responsibilities - Description - Duties - Jobs - Tasks

Bonus Explainer - For Supervisors

2022-10-07 Bonus Attribute Explainer

2021 Guide to Workplace Health & Safety Representatives

2021 Guide to Workplace Health & Safety Representatives.pdf