General Forest Safety


Personal Responsibility 

Shakti is an independent natured company and we make an effort to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed, we expect that you are responsible for yourself. 

We hope that in the case you are experiencing something that may inhibit your ability to perform in the workplace, that you will communicate it to your supervisor, Health and Safety Coordinator or HSR so that we can navigate with you. 

Shakti is adopting a Proactive care model in the workplace, rather than a Reactive model.

 This means that we want to reduce issues before they arrive. 

5 Pillars of prevention  that minimizes mental and whole-body health risk factors:

Reduce Stress

Sleep well

Regulate Emotions

Build Social connections

Whole body care (ergonomics on the clock , and stretching off the clock) 

If there is any way that Shakti can support you further in your wellbeing while working please communicate with us so we can improve.

General Forest Worker Safety

Be prepared, Be aware

1 - General Forest Worker Safety, 2020-04

PPE Requirements & maintenance

9 - PPE Training 2020-04

Dangerous Goods Handling & Spill Response

2 - Dangerous Goods Handling 2019-05

Lifting Heavy and/or Awkward Objects

3 - Lifting Heavy Objects 2020-05

Physical Work in Hot Environments

4 - Physical Work in Hot Env 2020-05

Working Alone

10 - Working Alone 2020-05

Bear Spray Safety

6 - Bear Spray Safety 2020-04

Wildlife Safety

7 - Wildlife Safety 2020-05

Chainsaw Operation

Operation of a chainsaw requires that you have received a third party chainsaw certificate. 

Under no circumstance will you operate any equipment without proper training. 

8 - Chainsaw Ops 2020-04