Bush Camp
and Company Home

Shakti is a unique company and our accommodations can be anything from; the forest, to hotels or our share home.
no matter where we are, Leave no trace.
This training page is dedicated to our safety and standards when living in a bush camp or our shared home.

Shared Home

5308 47 street, Whitecourt, T7S 1A5

Door code for back door and garage: 8145

Wifi: Shakti8145

Garbage: Wednesday

Recycling: Thursday

It is a real blessing to have a shared home to rely on and come back to when we are moving so frequently and working so hard, however, during the peak of the season, our home can be  neglected. 

Below are some standards for how we expect the home to be used and maintained. 

If there is ever a maintenance issue, please do let us know about it as soon as possible so we can deal with it. 


In accordance with our Harassment and D&A  policy, it is expected that you behave in a safe and resepectful manner at all times. We want you to feel at home here, but in order for us to all feel at home we must all have a clear understanding of boundaries, and what is appropriate. 

In the case that someone is participating in any form of substance abuse or belligerent behavior, it is ground for immediate termination.

Working and living together we can quickly build relationships, however please bring extra awareness to your behavior, and be professional at all times.

Being professional means that you will not put yourself, or anyone else in a situation to feel uncomfortable. 

Respect also means, Cleanliness:

Leave it as you arrived, or better. 

This is our shared home,  treat it as such. 


There is NEVER a reason that dishes should be left in the sink, after you have completed what you need to with the space. Leave no trace. 

The dishwasher only gets unloaded if someone takes the time to do it, that someone could be you!

If you are living in the home, this is a great tool. If you are leaving the home and the dishwasher is dirty, even half full, please set the dishwasher so we don't have dirty dishes sitting in the dishwasher for the next employees to deal with.

Any food put in the fridge unlabeled is fair game. This year, we will keep a tally of who leaves food in the fridge most often.. At the end of the season we will announce the winner. Hopefully this can be a fun way to remind people of the importance of taking responsibility for their perishables. 

Cleaning supplies are kept under the sink, we encourage you to wipe down the table and counters as much as you like! 


Repeat after me: “Never will I ever shave or cut my hair into the drain”

There are a few Sink strainers lying around, we expect them to be used. Please.

When they are not used, the drain clogs and then it's everyone's problem. 

Please be at home, but understand that this is a shared space. 


* We have many deer and other animals in the area so please make sure there is NO food in the recycling bags and all garbage bags are safely in the bin. 

Unfortunately, we are not composting at this time, it was attempted a few times, however it just wasn't getting enough attention. So for now, compost will go in the garbage.

We do have the compostable roller out back by the garden, so if you're into it, Give it a shot.

Garbage day is Wednesday: there's a garbage bin on the side of the house for garbage to be put into. 

Recycling day is Friday:  recycling bags can be put under the back deck until it is time do go on the curb

There are reminders around the kitchen, and we send out reminders via signal to our group. 

This should go without saying, but: When you are leaving the home, and no one else is there, it is expected that you will take out the garbage, this includes kitchen and bathrooms, and take it to the curb, depending on the day. 


Often the beds will be made when you arrive,  it is expected that when you leave you will strip the beds, wash and fold the linens, placing them back on the bed or in the closet. 

If you can not make time for this, stripping the beds and leaving them in the laundry room is the minimum we expect. 

Laundry & General:

We’re all pretty good at switching through each others loads of laundry, (mostly because we want to get in there ASAP ) please be respectful about this, its always best to ask first. 

Bush Camp 

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