Shakti Onboarding

General Shakti Onboarding

Welcome new Shakti friend,

This is your onboarding email to begin working with Shakti Reforestation. Within this email you will find links and information for all the training and certifications required to begin work as well as ways to have your expenses reimbursed, helpful links for scheduling and tracking your pay stub etc.

Your main contacts for any training or on boarding questions will be:

Isabelle Desrochers-Stein; 780-984-0382 / [email protected]


Tristan Hardy; 902-789-7520/ [email protected]

Following is a list of certifications and training you will need to be able to work for Shakti, these training's need to be completed and documents signed along with the picture of completed certification or forms uploaded before you can begin work with Shakti Reforestation.


Please note this is a rather long list and while some things are short and quick others may require up to a weekend in total to complete such as a first aid course if you’ve never taken one. We encourage you to begin booking your in person training as soon as possible.

Helpful apps you will need for working at Shakti and to complete the forms below:

*As a company we use the Signal app for all of our group/manager communication along with emails.

*Some sort of signing app such as docusign, officelense, libre etc.. Having something that can upload and sign documents is necessary.

*Avenza maps is what we use for location finding on blocks (not needed for onboarding but later for planting)

*Zoeleo's are our satellite communication systems (not needed for onboarding but later for planting)

Step #1 Download a digital signing app

Step #2 Go online and find the in person courses (if you do not already have those certifications) and book yourself in for them either in your local region or here in Alberta.

Step #3 Go online and book yourself in for the online courses (if you do not already have those certifications)

Step #4 Sign all forms and fill out online training from the email attachments here (tax forms, contract, etc..)

Step #5 Collect all the receipts from every training you pay for.

Step #6 Take a picture of all completed certifications and send them to your onboarding link (Isabelle or Tristan)

The links listed below are either the direct link (such as tax forms, general training, contract, CSO) or suggestions for courses (First aid, h2s etc) the links we used are Alberta based however feel free to book something in your own region if that is more convenient for you.

If you have questions, reach out to your person … If these links do not work please let us know. We recommend using the google chrome viewer for these as we have had problems with some of the links on other web launchers..


First Aid Courses will always have an in person component to them

ATV courses are hard to get spots for - if you can't book one let us know (we have an ongoing wait list for people with Whitecourt Allterrain)

H2S courses are offered every Tuesday and the in-class portion of the first aid is offered every Friday in whitecourt*

Trainings or tests that have to be done in person and need to be booked in advance:

Drug and Alcohol Testing- (Required to work for Shakti Reforestation is a 5 Panel drug and alcohol test)

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services | CannAmm

Home | Canada Research Labs (

ATV Training-

First Aid-

Standard First Aid & CPR - Canadian Red Cross

Training’s or forms that can be done fully online at your leisure:

Shakti Employee Info Form -

Employee Contract Form-

This will be sent separately [Link to template]

Common Safety Orientation-

Federal Tax Forms-

2022 Personal Tax Credits Return (

Provincial Tax Forms-

2022 Alberta Personal Tax Credits Return (

General and manager Training- at the top of this form it will ask who you completed the training with, please put the person who sent you your onboarding email package.

2022 General & Manager Training Record (

Drivers Abstract/ Driver's License-

Get a driver abstract |


Alberta WHMIS Training | Online WHMIS Training Alberta (

WHMIS Online Certification | 1 Hour | Recognized Across Canada (

Trainings that can be either online or in person (depending on whether you have done them before or not):

First Aid-

Standard First Aid CPR-C & AED (CSA Intermediate) | St. John Ambulance Canada (

Standard First Aid & CPR - Canadian Red Cross


H2S Alive Course Edmonton Alberta | First Aid Safety Training

H2S Alive Training In Calgary And Southern Alberta | AIP Safety

Once you have completed:

Step #1 Input all receipts into the Shakti Expense Pay form using the link provided below

Step #2 Take a photo of completed certifications and send that along with completed documents and signed forms back to the email of the person who is onboarding you (Isabelle or Tristan)

** If for some reason this is financially unfeasible for you then please reach out to your training contacts Isabelle or Tristan.**

Shakti Expense Form: Use this link to upload your receipts for the training and certifications from this on boarding process. This will also be the link to use in the future if you incur any more company expenses. Accounting / Payroll for expenses gets done at the end of the month and is transferred to your personal email account. Please notify Chris that you have submitted an expenses report and keep a screenshot of the total amount owing and the date of submission until you receive your payment. We do our best at Shakti to make things easy and streamline and sometimes there are errors in the system. We work to correct these as quickly as we can but always keep a record of your receipts until you are paid just in case an error in the system occurs.

Training.Shakti - Expense Form (

Now for links you will need and other company technology/information that will be used during your time at Shakti:

Here is our main menu link:

Training.Shakti (

Here you will find, for example;

expense forms, job site analysis forms, incident report forms, pay forms ect ...

Work and People:

This is our ever changing schedule form, it is a good idea to check this page frequently as things change. You will automatically have access to this sheet once you are onboarded:

Work & People (WPPL) | staff viewer - Google Sheets


Here you will be able to see the breakdown of your income and your accommodation pay listed as SWA.

Shakti Tree Planting App (

Payworks: this account will be sent to you via email by chris. It allows you to view your gross pay, tax deductions etc..

Other special Shakti Information:

We have a planter house in Whitecourt which Shakti employees are welcome to use during training such as H2s, First Aid, ATV if they decide to do them out of the Whitecourt area.

The Whitehouse 5308 47 Street, Whitecourt AB T7S 1A5

Also when working in the Whitecourt area the White House is also available to planters for lodging. Please note at this time if you decided to stay at the Whitehouse while working you will not receive your SWA on trees planted while staying there.

If you have any questions please reach out to Tristan or Isabelle, contact information listed up above. **