Covid-19 Policies for Clients & Staff

Our approach is one of caution and respect for those most affected by the virus. Whatever is expected of us with regards to health and safety, for ourselves and for others, we will do to the best of our ability.

Our policies are based squarely on those recommended by the provincial governments, as these are the best tool we have for making informed choices based on science and latest information on the areas in which we operate.

Below are Shakti's policies specific to our operation based on the provincial regulations.

Btw, CNRL issued this memo, requiring vaccination by everyone on their sites. Shakti's policy on vaccinations is that it's up to you, you don't have to be vaccinated to work here but you have to where the client requires it. So far that's just CNRL (22 Nov. 2021) but we'll implement client's safety requirements as always. I'll post any updates here. For your sake and Shakti's, it would be cool if you just got vaccinated.

Self/crew Isolation

  • All staff, workers, and visitors shall be educated on hygiene protocols, respiratory etiquette, and the Communicable Disease Control Plan (CDCP) for the operations and a record shall be maintained of all persons that complete this training.

  • Hand sanitizer and/or hand wash stations will be provided and available in all company vehicles

  • If a person needs to attend hospital Shakti will ensure isolated travel arrangements.

  • Logbooks on staff and travel will be kept by all staff and planters in the 14 days lead up to any job.

  • All vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day.

  • All crew will bring additional PPE to avoid any sharing tools and safety gear

  • A Shakti Reforestation CDCP protocols and guidelines will be created and in each truck for access by all


  • All workers and company representatives shall seek to eliminate any unnecessary contact with isolated communities, including all First Nations communities.

  • We will order groceries and supplies to minimise our contact with the local community. We will compile a list and one person will fulfill that order once per shift.

  • If you call ahead it’s very likely the grocery store will fill the order and you can simply pay and pick up the food.

  • All members of the crew will wear a mask in local communities.


  • In any case of a suspected person will be asked to isolate in a hotel room and HealthLink (8-1-1) will be immediately called.

  • If a person meets the mandatory isolation requirements, they must follow these requirements.

  • In the case of a Government order or general shutdown of work, Shakti’s exit plan will ensure the safe return of all workers to their homes.


  • Based on each facility’s layout, determine:

  • Current spacing in existing dining room using COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines

  • Personnel numbers for regular demand vs high demand days

  • What other dining space options are available at this site?· Dish-washing shall be done by designated staff, with no self-washing by individuals. Dish washing systems

  • shall follow required hot water and wash-rinse-soak systems to ensure effectiveness.

  • All dining areas shall be sanitized after each meal shift.

  • All small food items shall be individually wrapped or made available with systems to prevent common

  • touching of either food items or utensils.

  • Only kitchen workers and supervisory staff shall be permitted to enter food preparation or storage areas.

  • All kitchen orders (including boxes and containers) shall be sanitized if there is any chance of touching by other persons prior to arrival at camp, hotel or the work.

  • Eating areas inside common spaces, kitchens or hotels shall be marked in order to maintain recommended distances

  • between workers (>2 meters). Workers may only enter the dining facility when there are vacant dining stations available, as to limit the number of workers inside at one time.

  • Meals for workers in isolation shall be served in a separate facility or dining area than for other staff.